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Hard cover, $65

COWBOYS & The Trappings of the Old West
By William Manns and Elizabeth Clair Flood. With a foreword by Roy Rogers.

This is a pictorial celebration of the old time buckaroo. This exceptional book presents his saddles, chaps, spurs, and other tools of the trade in a comprehensive tribute to the makers. The history of the craftsmen and the evolution of cowboy gear are lavishly illustrated, with over 550 color photos.  Chapters also feature wild west shows, Hollywood and ranching life. With 224 pages.

The cowboy’s colorful story and history are graphically presented in this epic narrative. His dress and trappings set him apart from mere common folks. From the top of his head, with his broad-brimmed Stetson, to the bottom of his feet, in his high-heeled boots and silver spurs he was unlike anyone the world had ever seen. For the first time, his saddles, chaps, spurs and other tools of his trade are presented in a carefully crafted portrait. Tribute is given to the artisans and craftsmen who fashioned the cowboy’s unique outfit. The history of the famous frontier saddle makers is explored.

His “rootin’ tootin’” tougher-than-twang-leather image is presented from simple cowpuncher to his rise to icon status. Through many rare, never before published, photos, the history of the early cowboy is traced from the cattle trails and ranches of the Old West to the glory of the Wild West show and rodeo arena. The myth of the cowboy is explored from dime novel yarns to the Hollywood heroes such as Tom Mix and Buck Jones, along with TV cowboys like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy.

WILLIAM MANNS is an internationally recognized photographer, designer and avid collector of western antiques. Manns traveled  throughout the United States for 5 years photographing the finest examples of Western saddles in museums and private collections  for this book. Manns is co-author of Cowboys and the Trappings of the Old West , Cowgirls: Women of the Wild West. and Painted Ponies: American Carousel Art, he was also the principal photographer for Packing Iron: Gunleather of the Frontier West. He resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

ELIZABETH CLAIR FLOOD is a San Francisco native who now calls Wilson,Wyoming home. She is the author of Cowboy High Style, Thomas Molesworth to the New West, Old-Time Dude Ranches Out West and Rocky Mountain Home, Spirited Western Hideaways. Flood is a frequent contributor to national magazines including Architectural Digest and a staff writer for Cowboys & Indians magazine. She loves Western culture and travels throughout the Rocky Mountain region collecting research for her books and articles.

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