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Hard cover, $65

Painted Ponies: American Carousel Art
This is the definitive book on the subject by the nation's leading authorities
By William Manns and Elizabeth Clair Flood. With a foreword by Roy Rogers.

This book contains useful guides, charts and directories for the collector, preservationist, carver, artist or enthusiast. PAINTED PONIES has become the classic book of carousel art. This extraordinary coffee table stylebook presents the finest carving examples by the most renowned carousel artists. Featuring the rarest horses and most unique menagerie animals were selected from America’s premier private collections and antique operating carousels. The classic book of American carousel art with over 600 color photos, 256 pages.

“'Painted Ponies’ is an important book to own for anyone with an interest in American Folk Art or American Art. The well-written, informative text and the all-color presentation make it unique within the field.”

- The late Robert Bishop, Director, The Museum of American Folk Art

The joyous carousel rekindles wonderful childhood memories. These icons of yesteryear were carved around the turn-of-the-century, when more than 6,000 of them revolved to the brassy tune of the band organ. Storms, fires and neglect have taken their toll; only slightly more than 200 have survived. PAINTED PONIES is a larger-than-life look at these vanishing antique treasures.                   

The carousel originated in Europe, but achieved its highest artistic glory in America. Created at the hands of immigrant craftsmen, this dazzling art form has entertained, thrilled and fascinated generations of Americans. Lasting only 25 years, the golden age of the carousel ended in the 1920s. PAINTED PONIES traces the development of these artists and their carving styles through contemporary and rare historic photographs and illustrations.

WILLIAM MANNS is the co-author of PAINTED PONIES, AMERICAN CAROUSEL ART. He is a nationally recognized authority and historian on this colorful subject. Besides collecting and restoring antique carousel animals, he writes on the subject for leading publications throughout the nation. Mr. Manns is also an award winning photographer and designer. He first became enthralled with carousel art while working in the Disney Imagineering Studio over 25 years ago.

MARIANNE STEVENS - More than 50 years ago, Marianne Stevens fell one love with the carousels of Coney Island, New York. Since then she has become a leading authority on carousel art and history, helping to found the National Carousel Assocation and the American Carousel Society plus promoting conservation and preservation efforts of this unique art for former studio, the wooden horse, in Roswell, New Mexico she personally restores antique carousels and figures.

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